Using Markdown In WordPress for Note Taking

Markdown is a simple markup language in order to make formatting easier (means you don’t need to move your hand from the keyboard in order to click the mouse).

0. Enable Markdown feature

To enable the Markdown feature in WP (has been enabled on this site) , refer to this:

Markdown Enable

1. Simple Styles

A star (* and a space ) will simply bullet the line:

  • item 1
  • item 2

The words between two * (no space after ) are Italian: I am Italian

The words between two double *  are strong: I am strong

You can make reference by [ ] followed by a (), for example To be, or not to be


2. Level of paragraphs

The level of paragraphs can be manipulated by a seris of (#)

  • to make a level 2 header (level 1 seems disabled in WP), use ## abc

This is an example of level 2 header

  • to make a level 3 header, use ### abc

This is an example of level 3 header

  • So the number of # will determine the header level (so as to the font size)


3. Blocks

Is a highlighted region, start with a > mark.

Here stat a block

Can add Title using #s

  • can add bullet

4. Lists

We new * starts a bullet lists

For the numbered lists, just use number and a dot

  1. item 1
  2. item 2

5. Code block

The code can be stylized using the following block(use 3 `):

And here’s some code! :+1:

$('div').html('I am a div.');

The name of language after three ` determine the highlighting and keywords.

Another example is python

def function:
return 0

6. delimiter





separate the paragraph

by a line..


7. To be added